Ditches Part 4

Thoughts From The Road

Evil Isn’t

The third principle of a good lie is to make everything okay, because after all what we want is more important than what we need anyway. Right?
At a certain point the lie becomes that there is no real point of truth or reality, only what we want. Everything else is less important than your own selfish desires.
This is the idea that there are no consequences to our actions and that there is no point in seeking for anything absolute. This is almost always an excuse to do all of the things that you are not supposed to do.

The Force

The fourth principle of a good lie is to maintain that there is no rule maker. Since there are no rules then it follows that there never was someone who made up the rules. In order to do this we make God into a “what” instead…

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Thoughts From The Road

Do you want to know where anxiety comes from?
It comes from feeling like you are are alone and you are the only one you can trust and rely on.
Do you want to know the truth?
You can’t rely on yourself.
You’re not that smart, or strong.
Relax into your saviors arms and give Him control.
He needs your permission.
As long as you think you are your own savior, then you are.
Give up and quit trying so hard.

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